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Relocating Problems?

So, you got a notice today that your job is relocating you to Chicago. You’ve got kids in school, a home to sell, packing to do, and the many goodbye dinners and play-dates you want to squeeze in before the big day. Besides going shopping for snow gear, what do you do? PANIC!

You stop, take a deep breath, and give me a call! Everything will be fine. The thought of having to pack up and transplant your life on such a short notice is daunting enough. The last thing you need weighing down your mind is the sale of your home. Let me carry that load so you can focus on getting settled in your new community. I’ll even drop off a supply of moving boxes to get you started.

What if you have to leave before your home sells? Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. I’ll be happy to keep a close eye on things to ensure the process goes as smoothly as if you were personally here. I’ll pop by your home to give you regular updates via text photos or live video. If you need contractor oversight, I’m happy to do that as well. I’ve got years of construction experience and a very particular eye for detail.

If you decide that you’d rather stay in sunny Southern California and pass on that Chicago job, I wouldn’t blame you. I will, however, be happy to serve your local real estate selling and/or buying needs just the same.

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Matt Whitcomb, Keller Williams Realty


Matt Whitcomb