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Need A Contractor?


Got a project and don’t know where to turn?  Give us a call and we will help. We get requests every day for dependable contractors and handymen. While Matt does know construction, his focus is now on selling and buying homes rather than servicing them. As a value-added service to our clients and the community, we have identified a select group of local, trustworthy, and affordable contractors and handymen to refer to our clients. We get zero compensation from these referrals. Our expectation is simple…that You are satisfied with your experience. Call us today and we will gladly connect you with someone who can service your needs – 949.560.0959.

Matt’s Tip

In today’s market, you don’t have to have a brand-new kitchen and bathrooms to get top dollar for your house or condo relative to properties of similar condition.  With our extremely large renter population, there are many people who would love to pay good money for a fixer-upper.  If you are looking to remodel in preparation to sell, be sure to give us a call before you begin.  We could save you thousands of dollars, valuable time, and many unnecessary headaches.  This doesn’t mean having to sell for a loss to cash investors.

Matt Whitcomb