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Some days you meet the best of the best. I recently met Mr. Whitcomb just going about my day. We spoke about family, the worldly state of affairs and real estate. I feel blessed and honored to have met such a fine person in real estate.

My conversation with Mr. Whitcomb was extremely educational for me on buying and selling of homes. I was taken in by Mr. Whitcomb’s life experiences and wealth of information not just in real estate but in other facets of his life.

Such a family man of good character and integrity. Calmly soft spoken with a kind caring endless energy combined with a natural patience in his personality.

I look forward Mr Whitcomb to where my situation one day allows me to work with you in finding me a home to purchase. Thank you for your time, and wealth of knowledge you shared with me.

PS: The rabbit fence you are building is awesome and speaks volumes to your creative talents in being deeply dedicated to family as you are to your real estate business. Thank you Sir. A pleasure to of crossed paths with you.

Matt Whitcomb